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Our Staff

The staff of Spinal Cord Injury Alberta (formerly Canadian Paraplegic Association Alberta) is proud to help people with spinal cord injuries (SCI) and other physical disabilities achieve independence, full community participation and optimal well-being. We are committed as a team to empower others from point of injury to transition back into the community, through to aging with a disability.

With a variety of backgrounds, we are able to innovatively respond to the complex needs of persons with SCI, their families and the communities where they live. Many of our staff are people with spinal cord injuries or other physical disabilities. This helps us to "walk the talk" and be a trusted, compassionate partner in the fields of disability, spinal cord injury and rehabilitation. 


SCI Alberta values its employees. They bring hope and make a difference. Setbacks are overcome. Overwhelming uncertainty is managed. Plus, they contribute to a dynamic, compassionate organization that integrates best practices and outcome based services.


Management Team - Edmonton Office


Teren Clarke

Chief Executive Officer

Janice Brownlee

Chief Finance Officer

Guy Coulombe

Manager, Programs and Services (Edmonton)

Edmonton Staff:




Kristie Coulombe

Community Access Coordinator

Susan Cullen

Volunteer Coordinator

Roswitha Dziwenko

Community Access Coordinator

Edgar Jackson

Client Services Coordinator

Jill Jackson

Client Services Coordinator

Lindsay Straiton

Client Services Cordinator

Perry Kootenhayoo Peer Reach Out Coordinator

Larissa Hedstrom

Event Coordinator

Management Team - Calgary Office         


Kirk Reynolds Chief Operating Officer

Zahra Bhatia

Team Lead Calgary / Client Services Coordinator

Calgary Staff:


Marilyn Erho

Peer and Special Events Coordinator


Karol Gouschuk

Community Access Coordinator

Alex Hepworth Specialized Fitness Coordinator
Sheri Lewington Aboriginal Services Coordinator
Lorna Shannon Specialized Fitness Coordinator

Elysha Velji

Community Access Coordinator



Red Deer Staff:


Doug Manderville Regional Program Coordinator 

Wanda Seifried

Community Access Coordinator

Grande Prairie Office


Mieke de Groot

Regional Program Coordinator

Chris Stetsko

Volunteer Coordinator (Bingo, Casino)

Lethbridge Office


Dylan Adkins

Regional Program Coordinator

St. Paul Office


Ken Kwiatkowski

Regional Program Coordinator

Lloydminster Office


Tegan Maguire

Community Access Coordinator

Fort McMurray Office


Stephanie Myrick

Regional Program Coordinator