Spinal Cord Injury Alberta

Career/Education Profiles

The peer program offers opportunities for job seekers with mobility impairments (spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, amputation, etc.) to connect with Mentor volunteers who have overcome similar employment or education-related challenges. The Peer Program operates on the principle that people with disabilities know best the problems, needs, solutions and resources related to community participation.


Peer Mentors interested in assisting with employment issues, are positioned to assist individuals with working to overcome employment-related barriers, leading towards a rewarding career.  Mentors will present their own unique approach to sharing information with others.  Mentors have the flexibility to share information in a variety of different ways, depending on each person's goals and needs. One of the main aims to this type of peer process is to enhance an individual's opportunity to obtain meaningful employment in a competitive labour market.


The purpose of the posted profiles below is to provide information and examples of people with spinal cord injuries and other physical mobility impairments who are successful in the work place. These mentors or peer support volunteers have offered their personal information and assistance regarding employment issues.

If you are interested in becoming a Peer Support Volunteer and posting your information, please contact your local SCI office in Alberta, and ask to speak to a Client Service Coordinator about peer support.

Kuen Tang

Watch Kuen's Video (7.7 MEG-wmv)

Gemma Rehman

Mount Royal College Student

Watch Gemma's Video (1.5 MEG-wmv)

Watch Gemma's Video (0.9 MEG-rm)

Zuzana Beurger

Bachelor of Commerce

Watch Zuzana's Video (0.9 MEG-wmv)

Watch Zuzana's Video (1.0 MEG-wmv)

Kevin Mark

Enmax Energy Corporation, Segment Manager, Marketing

Watch Mark's Video (1.7 MEG-wmv)

Watch Mark's Video (1.1 MEG-rm)

Linnie Tse

Designs for Living, Access Design Consultant (Owner)

Watch Linnie's Video (1.4 MEG-wmv)

Watch Linnie's Video (0.9 MEG-rm)

Alan Vuong

University of Calgary Student

Watch Alan's Video (1.7 MEG-wmv)

Watch Alan's Video (1.1 MEG-rm)

Shamel Elsayed

EnCana Corporation, Team Lead

Watch Shamel's Video (1.7 MEG-wmv)

Watch Shamel's Video (1.1 MEG-rm)

Mike Hambly

The Independent Living Resource Centre, Personal Empowerment Program Coordinator

Watch Mike's Video (1.7 MEG-wmv)

Watch Mike's Video (1.1 MEG-wmv)

Nicola Birchall

Spinal Cord Injury, Rehabilitation Cousellor

Watch Nicola's Video (2.3 MEG-wmv)

Watch Nicola's Video (1.5 MEG-rm)

Shanon Bourgouin

West Jet, Administrators assistant in Sales Super Centre

Watch Shanon's Video (2.0 MEG-wmv)

Watch Shanon's Video (1.3 MEG-rm)

Sam Newson

Calgary Police Service, Detective

Watch Sam's Video (1.9 MEG-wmv)

Watch Sam's Video (1.3 MEG-wmv)

Roy Smith

Accessible Housing Registry, Accountant & Data Entry Clerk

Watch Roy's Video (1.9 MEG-wmv)

Watch Roy's Video (1.4 MEG-rm)

Larry Seymour

Telvent Canada, Senior Graphics Designer

Watch Larry's Video (1.5 MEG-wmv)

Watch Larry's Video (1.0 MEG-rm)

Cal Schuler

Spectra Alternative Solutions, Disability Consultant

Watch Cal's Video (1.9 MEG-wmv)

Watch Cal's Video (1.2 MEG-rm)

Andrea Wojcik

Student, pursuing Master of Arts (counselling)

Watch Andrea's Video (2.1 MEG-wmv)

Watch Andrea's Video (1.4 MEG-rm)

Valarie Buchanan McKinley

Watch Valarie's Video (2.2 MEG-wmv)

Watch Valarie's Video (1.4 MEG-rm)

Claudio Espinoza

Watch Claudio's Video (2.3 MEG-wmv)

Watch Claudio's Video (1.4 MEG-rm)

Jerry Meyer

School of Hope, Homeschooling Prgram, Teacher

Watch Jerry's Video (0.7 MEG-wmv)

Watch Jerry's Video (0.5 MEG-rm)

Kevin Bennett

Watch Kevin's Video (1.1 MEG-wmv)

Watch Kevin's Video (0.7 MEG-rm)

Mark Flores


Watch Mark's Video (1.7 MEG-wmv)

Watch Mark's Video (1.1 MEG-rm)

Mike Rodomar

Watch Mike's Video (1.1 MEG-wmv)

Watch Mike's Video (0.8 MEG-rm)

Virginia Oliveira

Watch Virginia's Video (1.7 MEG-wmv)

Watch Virginia's Video (1.1 MEG-rm)

Martin Purvis

DeVry Institute of Technology, Assistant Director of Admissions

Watch Martin's Video (1.4 MEG-wmv)

Watch Martin's Video (0.9 MEG-rm)

Kent Hehr

Fraser Milner Casgrain, Lawyer

Watch Kent's Video (1.9 MEG-wmv)

Watch Kent's Video (1.3 MEG-rm)

James Sanders ( Actor )

Watch James' Video ( 45 MB-wmv )

Debbie Langlet

Watch Debbie's Video (2.0 MEG-wmv)

Duane Daines

Watch Duane's Video (8.7 MEG-wmv)

Trevis Brown

Return to school

Watch Trevis' Video (2.1 MEG-wmv)

Jody Duffield

Watch Jody's Video (4.6 MEG-wmv)

Weslyn Mather

Watch Weslyn's Video (9.1 MEG-wmv)

Bryce Clarke ( Edmonton Police Service )

Watch this Video ( 26 MB-wmv )

Kevin Heikkila ( Sax Man )

Watch Kevin's video ( 19 MB-wmv )

Graham Ingram

Watch Graham's Video (27.3 MEG-wmv)

Geoffrey Olsen ( Going back to school )
Watch Geoffrey's video ( 26MB-wmv )

 Holly Crichton ( Sheep Dog Trainer )

Watch Holly's video ( 19MB-wmv )



 Kent Hehr MLA Calgary Buffalo

 Watch Kent's Video ( 71 MB-wmv )


 Greg Williams ( Motorcycle Enthuasist )

Watch this video ( 136 MB-wmv )


 Penny Oman ( Mouth-Painter )

 Watch Penny's video ( 18 MB-wmv )