Spinal Cord Injury Alberta


Sports, Recreation and Leisure


We believe that, through involvement in sports, individuals with disabilities can lead richer and more fulfilling lives, both emotionally and physically. The following mentors are inspiring examples:






Linda Welch


Watch Linda's Video (6.3 MEG-wmv)

Mike Seifert

Disabled Skiing

Watch Mike's Video (6.7 MEG-wmv)

Kary Wright

Hunting and Fishing

Watch Kary's Video (7.6 MEG-wmv)

Kendra O'Hama

Wheelchair Basketball

Watch Kendra's Video (9.1 MEG-wmv)

Bridget Wilson

Wheelchair Curling

Watch Bridget's Video (9.7 MEG-wmv)

Bill McDonald


Watch Bill's Video (8.8 MEG-wmv)

Chris Miller

Pool Player

Watch Chris' Video (11.7 MEG-wmv)

Zuzana Bueger


Watch Zuzana's Video (6.8 MEG-wmv)

Watch Zuzana's Video (16.1 MEG-wmv)

Brent Hasse

Sledge Hockey

Watch Brent's Video ( 76 MB-wmv )

Mike Evjen


Watch Mike's Video (39.6 MEG-wmv)

Andy Campbell

Cross-country Trail Bike

Watch Andy's Video (92.5 MEG-wmv)

Jo Kelly


Watch Jo's Video ( 60 MB-wmv )

Disabled Water-skiing

Watch Video ( MEG-wmv)

We Can Fly

Watch Video (36 MB-wmv)


Adaptive Gliding ( 2009 )

Watch this Video 31 MB-wmv )



(Disabled Skiing)

Watch this video ( 100 MB-wmv )



Wheelchair Racing

Watch this video ( 51 MB-wmv )


 Accessibility at YMCA ( Eau Claire )

Watch this video ( 36 MB.wmv )


 Freda ( Parasailing in Mexico )

Watch this video ( 18 MB-wmv )


Russell Christian (Photography)

Watch this video (27 MB-wmv)

Disabled Cycling

Watch this video (39 MB-wmv)

Brian's Triathlon

Watch this video (47 MB-wmv)


 Wheelchair Rugby

Watch this video ( 243 MB-wmv )


 Larry Buchan

Watch this video (472 MB-wmv)

Outdoor Adventures Program

Watch this video (530 MB-wmv)