Modular QRamp Wheelchair Ramp

Modular Wheelchair Ramp purchased 2 years ago. This ramp is maintenance free and can be taken apart, moved or reconfigured.

Purchased from Instaramp March 2020 – website for more information can be found here:
QRAMP is unique with it’s award winning design, looks and durability. Our ramp features a neutral color powder coated ALL aluminum frame that does not require painting or maintenance and the ramp structure is completely self supporting and freestanding. QRAMP uses a patented deck surface called Thru Flow that is durable and slip resistant and it’s perforated design allows snow and debris to fall thru. QRAMP has a double handrail system with illuminated post caps (at night) and a 3.5′ outside curb rail. QRAMP remain’s the industry leader in terms of ramp materials and construction and it is visually attractive compared to other ramp designs.

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