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Resource Guide

The Spinal Cord Injury Alberta is proud to host a new provincial online Resource Guide for people with physical disabilities on their website.

The intent of the Guide is to present information and options available in a readily accessible format with a single access point. The goal of the Guide is to decrease time and frustration in trying to allocate and access all the services and information people need in order to participate in the community.

We also believe in sharing the knowledge of people who have “been there and done that.” That is why we’ve created a place where you can leave comments and/or rate a product or service that you have tried. This information may be helpful to help others when selecting the resources they need.

SCI Action Strategy 

An Evaluation of Supportive Housing Models

In communities across Alberta, the need for a range of accessible housing with supports provided is great and growing. This project will provide communities with information and next steps to help initiate local supportive housing projects.

We have examined existing models in Alberta and elsewhere and identified several characteristics of effective, innovative models that could be replicated. The plan is to share this information with communities, along with a template for a business case and guidelines on how to take the business case to the next level.

Our is to build capacity for future growth in supportive housing that meets the unique needs of people with SCI and similar physical disabilities so that they can continue to live in the community of their choice.

A Residential Accessibility Assessment Tool

Accessible Housing http://accessiblehousing.ca/

Best Practices Research into Catheter Use

There is an ongoing debate about whether, and under what conditions, reusing catheters contributes to a higher incidence of bladder infections. This project will look at what current research says about this topic and what Alberta clinicians generally recommend.

The findings will be used to develop two brochures on the prevention and treatment of bladder infections, a protocol paper and an algorithm that suggests the preferred course of action in treating bladder infections.”

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Feedback and Evaluation

Each year, Spinal Cord Injury Alberta conducts a survey of its clients to gather their feedback on the quality and impact of the services they have received. We have now divided the survey into four very short sections and you can choose which section applies to you. The information you provide is very important as it helps SCI Alberta to improve existing programs, scale back those that may have less value or impact, and design new ones.

Client Services Survey

Information Services Survey

Peer Program Survey

Community Development Survey