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Good news!  Please read the attached AADL Bulletin regarding Private Insurance and AADL Recyclable Benefits, i.e. who is the first payee. 

In June, Bill C-81 was introduced in the Canadian House of Commons. Also known as the Accessible Canada Act, this was the first-ever proposed national legislation of its kind. This bill affects all Canadians – and especially people with disabilities.

Over a 10-month period (May 2018-March 2019), more than 50 non-profit, Canadian organizations are working together, and with the Government of Canada, to ensure there is strong, effective federal accessibility legislation. Together, we are known as the Federal Accessibility Legislation Alliance (FALA). Led by Spinal Cord Injury Canada, the FALA Leadership Team consists of the following organizations:

British Columbia Aboriginal Network on Disability Society
Canadian Association of the Deaf - Association des Sourds du Canada
Communication Disabilities Access Canada
Canadian Hard of Hearing Association
Council of Canadians with Disabilities
Native Women's Association of Canada
Here’s what we have been doing so far:

After the first draft of Bill C-81 was introduced in the House of Commons in June, we wanted to better understand it. So, we had a team of lawyers, all who understand disability really well, look at it. They compared the recommendations we made when the bill was being created with what is actually in the first draft of legislation. The lawyer team has made further recommendations. In truth, it is a pretty good bill. But it can be better.

We know it is important that people understand Bill C-81. Legal wording and the length of the bill can make it hard to read. We have developed a short, plain language version for sharing.

Later in September, we will have a survey asking people about their insights and perspectives on Bill C-81. We want to know what you think is important in the bill. What is the impact the proposed legislation will have on your life? The information we get from people’s answers will be sorted in an anonymous way. It will be shared with our memberships and used to advise the government on how they can change the draft legislation to make it as strong as possible.

All of these resources will be shared on our website: include-me.ca. In fact, we will have lots of resources about Bill C-81 on our site, so please visit. You can sign up for our updates right on our home page. Also, follow us on Facebook and Twitter: @includemeca so you know the latest progress on making this draft legislation a reality.
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