Raymond Royer

Board Chair, Edmonton​

Stacey Supina

Vice Chair, Fort Saskatchewan

Leslie Tanzi

Treasurer, Edmonton

Teren Clarke

Secretary, Edmonton

Steven Jeffrey

Director, Fort McMurray​

Brian Sholom

Director, Calgary​

Cal Schuler

Director, Calgary

Raymond Chow

Director, Calgary

Bonnie Maguffee

Director, Grande Prairie

Gerhardt (Geri) Redikop

Director, Edmonton

Michelle Mather

Director, Calgary

Raymond Royer, Board Chair, Edmonton

Raymond was a firefighter for the city of Edmonton from 1977 to 2013. Was a member of the Canadian Ski Patrol Edmonton Zone from 1987 to 2007. Volunteered much time ski patrolling at Marmot basin in Jasper. My favorite summer sport was windsurfing. I sustained a spinal cord injury in 2007 and now I have 14 years lived experience. Life didn’t end, it just changed. I now sit on the board for SCI Canada and also for SCI Alberta. As I use a wheelchair, I’ve gotten pretty good at “sitting.” I have four wonderful children in my life and no grandchildren. The sweetheart in my life is Maria Angelina Roslin. She is a fountain of positivity.

Stacey Supina, Vice Chair, Fort Saskatchewan

After sustaining a spinal cord in 2000, Stacey Supina brings diverse experience to the SCI Board of Directors successfully leading and supporting multiple initiatives on behalf of a wide range of potentially marginalized Albertans as a long-time manager with the Government of Alberta. His collaborative efforts have led to a number of honours including formal recognition from a First Nations band and several Metis Settlements as a particularly trusted member of the provincial government, a Premier’s Award of Excellence, a Project Management Institute Project of the Year Award, recognition by the Director of our province’s Information and Privacy Office as one of 15 Government of Alberta “Thought Leaders” and, most recently,  being nominated to be considered as a member of the Hockey Canada Board of Directors.   

Stacey notes that his greatest priorities in life are his belief in Christ, his three daughters and his passion to give back, inspire and support others with spinal cord injuries and other barriers that life can present.

Stacey’s hobbies include a strong interest in all sports, particularly the Oiler’s, sports card collecting and a fanatical devotion to working out and weight training.

Leslie Tanzi, Treasurer, Edmonton

Leslie was the Event Planner for the Accessibility Advisory Committee (AAC) with the City of Edmonton. The AAC is a 15 member volunteer committee appointed annually by City Council

As a board member, I wanted to learn what the goals of the board were and be an active and involved member. I have met and made friends with many people within the disability community. I am past Chair of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities Provincial Committee, Chair of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities Edmonton committee, was a member of the Red Carpet Affair committee and love volunteering with Spinal Cord Injury Alberta, Paralympic Sports Association and the Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Assn of Northern Alberta in various roles.

I retired in January of 2020. My husband and I married in 1979. We have 3 (actually 4) adult kids along with 3 grandchildren.

Teren Clarke, Secretary, Edmonton

Teren retired from the health and not for profit sector in March 2020. In retirement she serves as a patient and family advisor for the Strategic Clinical Network (SCN) for Neurology, Rehabilitation and Vision, an initiative of the Alberta Health Services. She has been an active participant in several working groups with the SCN. She also serves on the board of the Health Coalition of Alberta where she is now the past president. She completed her 2 year term on the Executive Committee for the North American Spinal Cord Injury Consortium in Dec 2021 . Teren is the former Chief Executive Officer with Spinal Cord Injury Alberta and Executive Director of the Alberta Paraplegic Foundation from 2005 to 2019. Prior to that, she worked with Muscular Dystrophy Canada between 1993 and 2005 in roles including National Director of Programs, Prairies Executive Director, and Provincial Services Director. Teren earned a Bachelor of Nursing from the University of Calgary, a Diploma in Supervisory Development from University of Alberta and a Masters in Management from McGill University and a certificate in Board Governance from the Banff Executive Leadership Institute.

Steven Jeffrey, Director, Fort McMurray

Steven joined the Board of Directors for Spinal Cord Injury Alberta in the Spring of 2014 –he is currently the Chair of our Nominations Committee. He truly enjoys the opportunities to give back to the community he calls home – Fort McMurray. He is also a Board of Director member for Pastew Place Detox Centre here in Fort McMurray – he believes it is important to get involved in building the communities we want to see for everyone.

Brian Sholom, Director, Calgary

Brian Sholom is an experienced business leader with over 20 years of practice in business management consulting and operations. He has held several senior leadership positions in various organizations throughout Canada. He has also served as a director for Shalom Residences Inc. and the Winnipeg Winter Club. Brian holds a Master of Business Administration degree in Finance, along with certificates in project management, quality management, and technical communications.

Cal Schuler, Director, Calgary

Cal has been an active leader and participant on numerous boards and committees on local and provincial levels. Over the years he has coordinated and guided numerous projects and owns and operates, Spectra Alternative Solutions, geared to facilitate disability awareness and sensitivity training, promote barrier-free activity, develop corporate policy, provide support and actively change conditions that negatively impact upon full participation for persons with disabilities.

Raymond Chow, Director, Calgary

Raymond Chow is the Chief Financial Officer for E3 Lithium. Raymond is “Not Your Typical CFO,” offering a blend of entrepreneurial spirit and strategic acumen. Raymond is known for going beyond the traditional confines of finance, focusing on the bigger picture and integrating a deep understanding of dynamics and current trends. Raymond thrives on teamwork and consensus-building, favoring collective success over individual accolades. His extroverted nature complements his professional endeavors, fostering an inclusive and collaborative environment. Raymond believes that his experience, skillset and forward-thinking approach will be of great benefit to SCI-AB’s strategic planning as the organization looks toward the future.

Bonnie Maguffee, Director, Grande Prairie 

Bonnie is a seasoned disability advocate who facilitates the intentional advancement for employers and employees in areas such as diversity, gender equity, and disability management. She is a Certified Rehabilitation Counsellor and Certified Vocational Evaluator with over 30 years experience. As a widow of a person with a SCI, she ardently continues their previously shared mission advocating independence and full community participation for all. Currently, she also leads a community-based vocational rehabilitation service in Grande Prairie, Alberta, that she started nearly 35 years ago. She enjoys live theatre, laughter, and travel. She also really appreciates a steaming hot cup of coffee.

Gerhardt (Geri) Redikop, Director, Edmonton

Geri is a retired Pastor of a local Edmonton, AB Church for 17 years. He pastored churches in Whitehorse, Yukon and Ft. McMurray and worked in Northern Brazil for 10 years as a missionary. Geri has been married for 55 years and has 3 children and 8 grandchildren who are a significant part of my life.  In 2018, Geri was diagnosed with a Cavernous Malformation on his Spinal Cord and following his surgery, was a paralyzed from my waist down. Though ongoing therapy, Geri has seen some significant improvement on his right leg with some activity on my left leg. Geri hopes that others will find some encouragement through his personal life experiences and struggles.

Michelle Mather, Director, Calgary

Michelle Mather is a highly accomplished professional with extensive experience in research, business operations, finance, and board governance. Michelle has served in various organizations, including serving as a Strategic Advisor at CalgaRIG Corporation, Research Coordinator at the Hotchkiss Brain Institute & Campus Alberta Neuroscience, and Vice President of Finance for the Junior League of Calgary.  Michelle has extensive board experience, currently serving as a Director on three corporate and two non-profit boards. She is also a Board Certified Medical Affairs Specialist, a Project Management Professional, and holds a University Teaching Certificate.