Our Mission:

To empower persons with spinal cord injuries and other physical disabilities to achieve Independence and full Community Participation.

Have You Been Injured?

Information and resources for people and family members of those who’ve experienced a spinal cord injury.


Client Services


Video Resources


RAMP Program

Active Living

Information and resources supporting active living for people with spinal cord injuries.


SCI Fitness & Wellness Centre


Sex & Sexuality


Information and resources for people with spinal cord injuries getting engaged in their communities.




Peer Program


CAPCC Program


Whether you have a spinal cord injury or know somebody who does, education is the foundation of adjusting, adapting, and thriving. SCI Alberta dedicates resources to remove stigma, dismantle myths, and ensure full community participation for those who have a spinal cord injury.  

Ways to Support SCI Alberta

Whether it’s through a financial donation, a gift in kind, or an act of volunteerism, there are so many ways to lend your support to SCI Alberta. Find out how your contribution can have a lasting impact.