Adapt Mobility 1-844-529-6020 Adaptation of Equipment, Custom Seating, Mobility Equipment, Compression Garments, Incontinence and Value Added Services.
Miywasin Friendship Centre 403-526-0756 Counselling, Housing, Youth programs, Caregiver and parenting education
Studio on Second (403) 866-0212 Yoga/Gym/Massages
YMCA Downtown 403-527-4426 Gym/Pool/Personal Trainer for anyone with mobility issues
YMCA South Ridge 403-528-1631 Wheelchair accessible facility and gym
Special Transit 403-529-8214, ext 2 Public transportation for individuals with physical disabilities
Extended Family Services (403) 548-2922 In home care, transportation assistance, Compassionate companionship, support with errands
CBI Health 403-529-0999 Physical therapy, disability services, psychological services
Medichair 403-528-2272 Medical equipment including lift chairs, wheelchairs, bathroom aids, hospital beds, elevators, etc.
AJ’s Loan Cupboard 403-580-5580 offers medical equipment at no charge for as long as you need it
Adaptive Sport and Recreation 587-253-5300 Adapted recreational and sporting activities
Esplande place 403-502-8580 Pay what you will arts and heritage center, wheelchair accessible seating
Big Marble Go Center 403-502-8566 Accessible center with gym and wheelchair accesible swimming pool.
Occupational Therapy – Adult community & Outpatients 403-529-8851 Physical Therapy at Medicine Hat regional hospital
Therapeutic Recreation 403-502-8648 Aqua therapy, Yoga, Art therapy,one to one therapy and group therapy
Ultimate Freedom Plus 403-328-9700 Electric Wheelchairs, Mobility Scooters, Power Lift Recliners for sale. Resale realator